How it works

For chess players

You can look for chess events and inquire about their rules, prizes, date and so on. This is done visiting the menu item Search Tournament and then selecting the interest range of the tournament (International, National, Local), status (running, past, next) and other filters as well.

A list of tournaments will be displayed and you can perform several actions: to download the rules in PDF format, to visit the organizer site, and to register the tournament (if the organizer permit it). The registration to a given tournament can be done immediately filling a form.

For arbiters/organizers

The arbiter or organizer that own a valid Vega license is entitled to register. An email will be sent to confirm the registration. All data except username can be changed in a later moment. The registration can be made on the Registration page

After validating the email, the user can create a new event and specify how many sections the event contains within the licensed Vega program. It is responsibility of the user to add sensible data. Insertion of wrong data will not show properly the event to the visitors.

The user should indicate properly the interest or relevance of his event choosing among: 'International', 'National', 'Local':

Int: events/tournaments opened to the participation of foreigner chessplayers; are valid for FIDE rating variations and International Norms as well.

Nat: tournaments reserved to chessplayers of a given federations, for example like a national championship or championship of a limitated area of a country.

Loc: Tournament reserved to players belonging to a given chess club or restricted area. Improper selection are not tolerate and we reserve the right to ban the user responsible of sloppy insertion.

The user can make not public his event. In this case the event will be not available for searching and will be not listed. During the creation of the event it is required to upload a file containing the rules and all other details regarding the event. It should be a PDF file with size less than 150 kb. The document should contain any info useful to the chessplayers to decide if it worthy to join your tournament. It's up to you to give all sort of details usually nedeed by chessplayers. For example, money prize, favorable accomodation and touristic info. The document should NOT contain image or the 150 kb limit will prevent you to upload the file and then create the event. After the event is created the user must specify how many sections or indipendent tournaments the event contains. At least one section must be present or the event will be not searchable.